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Es geht wieder los mit Popkontext-Radio! Der neue Sender heißt Radio23 und ist ein nichtkommerzielles, internationales Freeform-Internet-Radioprojekt aus den USA.

Die Sendungen sind ab jetzt hier nachzuhören. Dazu muss man den Podcast abonnieren.

Listen to the show here.

Vorankündigungen und Playlists: Barb's Music

Playlist aktuelle Show:
Popkontext on Radio 23 01/10

  1. General Electric – Raid The Radio – Good City for Dreams
  2. Anthony Shake Shakir - Detroit State of Mind - Frictionalism
  3. Pantha Du Prince – Stick To My Side - Black Noise
  4. Christiane Rösinger – Ich muss immer an dich denken – Berlin Songs Vol. 3
  5. Mount Kimbie – Maybes – CTM.10
  6. Die Sterne – Neblige Lichter – Der Riss EP
  7. Whirlpool Productions – If Time were A Beat – Dense Music
  8. Chris Joss – We Got Some (Part 1 & 2) - Monomania Vol. 1
  9. Chicha Libre - Tres Passageros – Sonido Amazonico
  10. Midlake – Winter Dies - The Courage of Others
  11. Martyn – Friedrichstraße – Elevator Music (Vol 1)

English Summary

Detroit house producer Anthony Shake Shakir, whom I became aware of throught German Band FSK, published a retrospective called Frictionalism including songs from 1994 to 2009.

Electronic Music from Germany - Hendrick Weber aka Pantha Du Prince just released his great new album „Black Noise“ on Rough Trade and Dial Records. There is an interview with him in German on this site On this track, Noah Lennox alias Panda Bear of Animal Collective who just released a fine solo debut himself is featured on vocals.

There is a bunch of people in Berlin who regularly organize „antifolk“-shows. Two of them recently published Vol. 3 of their „Berlin Songs“ compilations featuring artists living in Berlin, but also musicians who stopped in the city for a show. The song featured is fairly untypical. Christiane Roesinger became well known with indie bands Lassie Singers and Britta and recently recorded her first solo album with the help of Andreas Spechtl of Ja, Panic, an indie band from Hamburg.

Mount Kimbie are a duo from London who push dubstep to its borders. This song is taken from a sampler compiled and distributed by De:Bug, Germany's biggest magazine for electronic music and download portal zero“ accompanying this years Club Transmediale Festival which itself accompanies (video) art festival Transmediale which takes place every year in late January / early February in Berlin. Club Transmediale presents electronic and experimental music shows and performances.

Die Sterne, one of the best known bands of the so called „Hamburger Schule“ in the 90s have collaborated with Munic house producer Munk. The band has already released an EP with material of their forthcoming longplayer, called „Der Riss“, from which the song is taken.

Whirlpool Productions (Justus Köhncke, Hans Nieswand and Eric D. Clark, all three of them well known solo artists by now) were a German-American house band that released several well received records in the late 90s, early 2000s. Now they have reunited for some shows. This track is taken from their second album „Dense Music“ (1996 – bonus track) which also includes their biggest hit „From Disco To Disco“ which was on top of the charts in Italy for 9 weeks. There is also a great video on Youtube.

Chicha Libre are a French-American band who pay tribute to a Peruvian style of music called chicha which they helped to make popular in the West. Chicha has its roots in the late 60s when musicians fused spanish and native indian music with psychedelic music. It became popular in the early 80s when it was championed by indian migrants newly arrived in the slums of Lima. Apparently you still hear it on every street corner in Lima. It is also called Cumbia Andina because it is closely related to cumbia.

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